Now that I see you, wish I never knew you

Dirty with rust you make me feel like I’m a fucking disgust

Humble down and get back to the solid ground that I stand on

Slipped a time or two but my legs are not broken, I can still make a move

Move to change my life, but you’re stuck in the clouds, white with that cola

I wonder why I try to help, maybe to be the one there when you’re weak gasping for air

Is that twisted? Maybe so, but you broke me down – only you would know

So enjoy the clouds and cola I’m not gonna be the solid ground that you can land on when you’re down

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Wanted more than a spot on the bed
A place to rest your head
Couldn’t deal with the cost of the nights
Even in my dreams, it was a lost fight
Had no other choice but to be left
Misery encapsulated, you fled
Couldn’t deal
Still not healed
Cracked from the inside out
Trying to re-patch – but it’s a leaking spout
Once in a while, I’ll reminisce about you
Never grasping the reality of never having you
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A Real Peak Into My Mind…

Call it what you will — I love to write and I don’t consider myself a poet, just someone that jots their feelings onto paper in the way that makes sense to them. I might be posting my writing or I may become overtaken with giving a “peak” into these personal, confusing and real thoughts of mine.



Like a Leaf

Like a leaf in the beautiful blood-stained heart of Fall

Brightest moment reached

Slowly fading

Irreplaceable holes

Closer to the dull gray we strive to avoid

Losing consciousness now

Grey as I blend into the abyss

Tranquilly I dwindle down

From road to root

Chameleon-like, I overtake and am renewed

And from the root, I try again

*Image taken from Google*

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I Have Crossed the Finish Line – Still Running

The day has finally come and gone, I graduated college! My first thought, ” Yay, I don’t have to buy expensive books anymore or worry about how I am going to feed myself this month.” One tends to think of all of the positives of graduating college, but being only a month out, I already am missing it.

While I realize what a great accomplishment it is to graduate and graduate with honors, I miss the classroom setting. I was the typical freshman that dreaded going to class. As I matured and progressed into my major, I secretly loved going to class! A classroom full of people that have similar interests and goals is refreshing. It was a constant reminder to keep myself motivated.

The other thing I would be mendacious if I said I didn’t miss is the lifestyle. It was nice to have a daily routine including: class, club meetings and events and work schedule. By the time my senior year rolled around I was an expert at managing my time between the various commitments I had. It was fulfilling to always be busy and on the go – this is what I hope for my future career.

The positives about graduating are immeasurable. I now can say that I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mass media with an emphasis on public relations and social media. Not only did my major prepare me for the real world, but the internship I acquired this summer in the marketing and communications department at Greater Mankato Growth has given me the hands on experience I need. The possibilities are unlimited in this field. I now hope to gain more experience in the public relations field by gaining a second internship or starting a career. I know I have come this far and I am motivated to show what I have to offer.

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PR Logo and Business Card

Created with InDesign


Business Card created with InDesign

business card

*Please do not claim my work as your own.

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The Journey of a Dance Enthusiast

Filmed and edited by Amanda Weldon. Special thanks to Ashley Dietz.

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The Life of a PR and Journalism Student

The normal routine for most college students is: roll out of bed, get to class, go to work, do an hour of homework, go out, sleep and do it all over again. For a mass media major, it’s a little bit different.

In order to be successful in this area, one must always go after what they want. It is a competitive and ever-expanding field. One major difference between mass media and other areas of study is that it is social media oriented. When I say oriented, I mean if you do not have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram mouths drop to the floor. And for a good reason! Not only is social media a way to brand yourself and network with future co-workers and employers, it is a way that companies advertise. You can reach mass amounts of people through just sending out one 140 character tweet. Sounds simple, right? It is to an extent, but being smart about tweeting comes with practice; being on Twitter consistently will help with this. It may sound like a lot of work, but to mass media majors, this is what we thrive on.

My daily routine consists of getting up, checking my email, going on Twitter, updating Society of Professional Journalists social media and email, class, check Twitter again, class, work, homework and fall asleep with my smart phone in hand. Does this sound familiar to any other PR students? Okay, there is usually either a Public Relations Student Society of America meeting or event to attend to, or an SPJ meeting.

Why do we do it to ourselves? The truth is, most of us love the excitement and fast-paced world of public relations. It’s always changing; this is one of the reasons many are drawn to this field. There is much more to PR than just agency work. Corporate and Non-Profit PR are huge as well. There are always new trends in PR and one must be aware of what those are. Right now, the biggest trend is social media based PR.

If you want to become a PR student, make sure you love keeping yourself updated and informed! If you are not one for a packed full schedule virtually every week, I would suggest a different field. The hard work will pay off in the end! Be enthusiastic; go for your goals and you will get there!

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Bullying– In this Fight Together

I would like to say how pleased I am with every organization, company and person that is making a difference in the fight against bullying.I would also like to commend Bully Movie for all of the hard work they’ve done in spreading the word about the serious issue of bullying.

When I was younger, I was subject to bullying as I’m sure most of us have been at some point in our lives. This is not okay, saying we have been bullied the same way we would say what we had for breakfast. While many of us have been in this position; not all are lucky enough to be standing here today saying that they are a survivor of bullying.

The recent passing of Bailey O’Neill, may his little heart rest in peace, inspired me to write this post. I am heartbroken and disgusted that this happened. I hope this never happens again, for any reason, to anyone. Name calling, taunting and physical threats are all a form of bullying.It is never to be taken lightly.

This is dedicated to all the kids and teens that are survivors, fighting and the ones that are no longer with us. If you are currently being bullied remember it is okay to talk to someone! Just talking to someone can make a world of difference, and they can help you put a stop to it! Talking about these serious issues is half of the battle.

Something that may help when you are feeling low is to write a list of all the positive qualities that you have and admire about yourself. When you’re feeling low, pull that list out and remind yourself of all the positive things you have to offer the world. Most importantly, you are never alone.

If you feel you are being bullied, please don’t hesitate to talk to anyone about it whether it be a parent, counselor or friend. We are all in this fight to end bullying together.

I’m going to do my part in the fight against bullying by standing up against bullies of all kind. One way I have stood up in the past and continue to stand up is by being an activist and ally to my LGBTQ friends. While acceptance is becoming greater; they’re still in the fight for full acceptance. I continue to have discussions, share ideas and news about what is going on in the fight for LGBTQ acceptance and the fight against bullying.

A few nice words can help someone more than you may think!

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How to Begin Your PR Career

Throughout my time at Minnesota State University, Mankato, I’ve noticed how important it is to be able to showcase your abilities when majoring in Public Relations.

While many of you may think that there is no way to gain experience because you don’t have any; think again.

There are many clubs and organizations that are craving active and passionate members. One organization that I recently became active in is Society of Professional Journalists. This is a nationwide organization promoting the freedom of information and an exciting way to experience journalism through events and discussions. Find out if there is a chapter in your area or at your school, pay your dues and start developing great relationships with others that are eagerly involved.

Another organization that I have become actively involved in is the Public Relations Student Society of America or PRSSA. This is perfect for those of you that are interested in everything from public relations to advertising and event planning. Through this club, you will get the chance to experience public relations, attend tours with well-known companies or firms, help to fundraise and plan events. You will get the opportunity to meet people as enthusiastic as you are about the field; you will be able to learn, grow and develop contacts. Remember — networking is key.

The next way to get started is obvious; blog! If you are not tech- savvy, don’t worry, there are plenty of sites with tutorials to help you get started. I would recommend Word Press. This is where I began my blogging, it is simple and a great way to start building your professional career. Don’t forget to SEO, tag and keep at it even when you may not have as many readers as you would like.

Twitter is also key. It is a great way to network with possible future employers and share your blog and other articles you deem important. The best way to get noticed on Twitter is to find and create information yourself. While it’s important to re-tweet to your followers something you found helpful, don’t rely on other people’s information.

There are many ways to start building your resume. It’s never too early to think about your career and never too late to start! Time to start joining, blogging and tweeting!

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U.S.-Dakota War Revisited

Remembering the Forgotten Past of Mankato, Minn.

This American Life released the episode, “Little War on the Prairie,” Nov. 23, to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of the U.S.-Dakota War and the hangings of 38 Dakota men in Mankato, Minn., the largest mass execution in U.S. history.

Events Leading To and Of the War:

  • 1851: the Dakota traded 35 million acres of land for $3 million
  • Traverse Des Sioux Treaty Henry Sibley duped the Dakota to sign treaty that would dole out money and food and give Sibley $66 thousand more than the tribe
  • 1860: Population of white settlers grew from five thousand to 170 thousand
  • 1861: Promised gold and food that the federal agent had was withheld from the Dakota
  • 1862: Washington took half of the promised territory back; the tribe were starving an suffering; store-keeper Andrew Myrick refused to aid the Dakota stating, “let them eat grass or their own dung.”
  • Aug. 1862: five settlers were killed by four Dakotans- Acton Massacre
  • Select members of Little Crow‘s group and other Dakota men went to war
  • The fighting lasted 36 days
  • 400-1000 settlers and 50-100 Dakota were killed


  • Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey ordered that if any of the Dakota people do live, to drive them out of the state for good
  • The state offered money, up to $200, for Dakota scalps
  • 1,700 Dakota were forcibly led 150 miles to St. Paul to be held captive and punished then transfered to Fort Snelling
  • Camp Lincoln, what Mankato natives including myself refer to as Sibley Park, held around 400 Dakota men awaiting their fate
  • President Abraham Lincoln wrote a list of 38 Dakota men that were to be hanged Dec. 26
  • Where most of us refer to as “downtown,” 38 Dakota were hanged while harmonizing hymns

“The history of every place is more complicated than the people who live there like to believe,” according to John Biewen, Minnesota native that helped retell the U.S.-Dakota War.

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